Friday, March 24, 2017

April Fools Day - Funny Prank/Joke

Funniest Prank or Joke 
In loo of April Fools Day, I have decided to share a prank that my husband performed on his brother while he was staying with us. 

My husband has a sense of humor and luckily so do his brothers. My life is never boring with them around. To keep the identity of them safe, I will refer to them as brother and husband. 

Late one night, Brother came home late from work and headed for the shower. I was already in bed, almost asleep when my husband got up and headed out of the room. The next thing I hear is a scream coming from ‘Brother’ and a great amount of laughing. 

You see, as a Christmas present one year, my husband gave me a long dark green velvet cap with a hood. He went into our hall closet, put it on and as brother was walking back down the hall to go to the guest room husband walked out of the closet speaking as the grim reaper. Poor brother jumped so far he almost fell over the banister and down the stairs. 
Luckily, brother has a sense of humor like my husband and they had a good laugh before heading to bed for the night. 

What is a good prank that was played on you or you played on someone? Share your story for April Fools Day!


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